Giclee Reproductions

What is Giclée?
From the french work meaning, “spray of ink”… Giclée is a print created by using state of the art computer technology to print images.


With the advent of giclee, the art of fine printing has become even more precise. Because no screens are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs. The dynamic color range is like serigraphy.

In the Giclée process, a fine stream of ink, more than four million droplets per second, is sprayed onto archival papers  & canvas. The effect is similar to an air brush technique but much finer.


Exact calculations of hue & density direct the ink of seven print heads. This produces a combination of 512 chromatic changes (with over 3 million colors possible) of highly saturated, archival dye & pigmented ink.


This edition of fine arts prints is a collaboration between the artist & a trained printing specialist utilizing the highest resolution digital printers.


Be it watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media or photography, Giclées have gained wide acceptance in the art community. The advantage to the art collector is being able to acquire a fine piece of the artist’s work at an affordable price.


*All images are reproduced on high quality art paper unless special ordered onto canvas
 All images are signed and numbered by the artist. Unframed.
 Please inquire as to availability for specific pieces

Prices         Approx Image Size          Sized For Frame Size

$ 59           6 1/2 x 8 1/2                   11 x 14
$ 59           7 1/2 x 7 1/2                   12 x 12
$175              13 x 15                       16 x 20
$225              17 x 17                       24 x 24
$275              22 x 17                       24 x 30
$325              16 x 26                       24 x 34

*All prices plus CA tax & shipping

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